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Creating Art for Healing


Old Bill's Fun Run giving season
is now underway!

21st Century Heroes is working to expand our programming to help more veterans, from around the country, heal. This year's event runs from August 13th--September 17th, and at the end of the giving season, Old Bill's will match a percentage of the total we receive. Last year, Old Bill's matched an incredible 45%.

Please consider a gift to 21st Century Heroes through Old Bill's Fun Run this year.

Our Story

21st Century Heroes workshops provide therapeutic and instructional activities for wounded veterans.
Our goal is to assist returning service men and women by providing training in a series of programs teaching creative arts and skills with the goal of restoring to them a quality of life within their communities and their families.


Support the Mission

21st Century Heroes is extremely grateful to the individuals and business partners who support us through monetary and in-kind donations. Through new and continued support from our advocates, 21st Century Heroes will further expand our programming to benefit more veterans .

Now through August 19th we will be collecting all donations through Old Bill's Fun Run, a Jackson Hole based matching Non-profit fundraiser.

veteran, 2016 participant

"This class allowed me to take my mind off of the things that stress all of us out, all while learning a new skill. It is the greatest type of therapy."

Veteran, 2018 participant

"To look at things with different eyes. Just like in woodcarving. Taking a piece of wood that looks plain and turning it in something. We can do that with ourselves." 

Veteran, 2018 participant

“The woodcarving workshop was very relaxing. Instead of thinking about negative things, I found myself thinking about positive things.”

Words from

our Participants 

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