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What We Do


  • 21st Century Heroes Provides Creative Art Therapy for our nation’s wounded and disabled veterans while they spend time in the beauty of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

  • We partner with expert artisans to create curriculum and provide teaching and practice of the arts for the purpose of healing and peace.

  • The classes are kept small so the instructors can individually guide them through the projects and assist them in achieving their goals.

  • We provide everything the veteran needs not only for this experience, but for a future with his or her chosen craft—transportation, a place to stay and commune with fellow veterans, meals and time in the beauty of Jackson Hole.


  • 21st Century Heroes ensures each veteran has a set of tools and support contacts to continue their creative healing process when they return home.


Join Us in 2021

Our work shops take place in the Spring and the Fall (2021 dates are TBD). If you or a veteran you know would benefit from our work, send in an application today to attend our next workshop.

The Workshops


We introduce veterans to the tools and different woods that woodworkers utilize and how to implement them in a variety of woodworking projects. They learn sharpening, tool maintenance, and carving techniques for traditional hand carving as well as power carving and chainsaw carving. These hands-on classes are taught in a relaxed, informal fun environment and are designed to give the veteran the knowledge to continue to build their skills after they return home. Each participant receives basic woodworking tools to take home


An introduction course of drawing and painting techniques using a variety of media and art forms. Attendees will learn about supplies, surfaces, and color-mixing and blending techniques.  Students will practice their own technique using still life or landscape photos.  Focus will be on experimentation and learning.


Plein air painting is about leaving the studio behind and experiencing painting and drawing in the landscape. The practice was truly made into an art form by the French Impressionists, and gives artists the freedom to paint “en plein air,” which is the French expression for “in the open air.”

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